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MINE Network


About MINE Network

MINE Network is the first decentralized standard hashrate token protocol that solves the liquidity problem of miners on multi-chains, including but not limited to: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. MINE Network will standardize the mining power from different mining pools for different mining projects and then issue pTokens (different standard hashrate tokens) like:
  • pBTCM for the Bitcoin standard hashrate token
  • pETHM for the Ethereum standard hashrate token
  • pFILM for the Filecoin standard hashrate token
  • pLTCM for the Litecoin standard hashrate token.
Every standardized pToken (hashrate token) is a synthetic token reflecting a part of the mining power from a specific mining blockchain backed by its standardized mining power.
The hashrate tokens liquidity gets an extra boost due to their ability to be integrated with cross-chain DeFi protocols such as:
  • DEX's
  • Polkadot Loan Protocols
  • Ethereum Chain
  • Huobi ECO Chain
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • and many more
MINE Network will also leverage Substrate's OCW off-chain oracle workers to track on-chain revenue data from various mining projects in real-time and upload revenue information to ensure that all data is open and transparent for miners.


Driven by a relentless desire for constant progress and a passion for revolutionizing the mining industry, we set out to solve the unsolvable. We believe that a decentralized world that encourages eco-conscientious protocols is not only possible but inevitable. With our superior technology and innovative open source systems, we strive to bring forth the next frontier of machine-less mining to the forefront of the cryptocurrency world.


We are innovators on a mission to transform the mining sector by establishing MINE Network as the premier multi-chain standard hashrate token protocol. We implement a more cost-efficient mining model and strive to improve the carbon footprint by incentivizing miners to employ greener practices. All while lowering the learning curve and start-up cost for aspiring entry-level miners. We emphasize ingenuity and efficiency, eliminating the unnecessary and perfecting the paramount to ensure lasting decentralization and continued advancement.
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